We have photos!

Well, I'm taking a break now; need to catch up with other things a bit. The Photography page is now in place, giving me the chance to show off some photos! It feels like a bit of a cheat to just link to photo streams, but why not? The shared streams showcase the pictures just fine, with very little effort. The photo album plug-in is pretty basic, but I'll probably use it for when I want to say something about the photos. Text in the streams is limited to comments.

I'd like to point out, if you haven't guessed, that I've done a lot of customization to the new Pages. Two different RapidWeaver themes were used, so far, and I have tweaked them by changing colors, which is easy, and adding my own images, which should be easy, but isn't. I have also removed some things which didn't look good, such as a logo which was placed oddly, and the page title which was set in the middle of the banner. Try as I might, I could't move or change them, so had to find spots for them elsewhere, which sort of works.

Anyway, I'm really glad I had some panoramas I could use for banners. Made those recently, and it was fun to find use for them. For one of the themes, which uses background images, I created my own substitute also, using Patterno. Turned out better than I expected, actually.

I'm sorry if the site doesn't look perfect on portables such as the iPhone. Hopefully it's better than before, as iWeb didn't create separate versions for handhelds. This is behind-the-scenes stuff that RapidWeaver won't let me fiddle with. Switching from vertical to horizontal viewing is likely to help, though.

And, I discovered there's a program called Everweb, designed specifically to replace iWeb! It's really curious, that my search over the years to find a replacement never uncovered it. Now, when I have just switched to RapidWeaver, I come across an honest-to-goodness iWeb clone! For a moment I thought I might have to do everything over again. But not only is its price quite high (as indeed it is for most web editors), it doesn't do blog pages, even though the developers apparently have promised for years that they would arrive "soon". And the blog is essential to me. Also, the Everweb themes do seem a little simple. RapidWeaver may be more difficult, but it gave me a nice-looking site in the end, and it does have a blog complete with tagging, archiving and all!