For a Few Pages More

Well, I've been hard at work, and accomplished one more page! The Twitter page is now up, making a total of three pages. Not a very fast pace, but the first ones always take more time, I suppose. It's not that RapidWeaver is difficult to use in itself, but I seem to be testing its limits at every turn. I have to constantly think up tricks to get things more like I want, as opposed to what "happened". Yes, I have even added some HTML code in a few places to that end, even though I hate that. It was necessary just to justify the image of the Twitter bird to center, for example. Really! The justification controls are there, and work in the editor, but when I switch to preview mode, nothing has happened. There's just one example for you of how frustrated I've been. But most of all, I think I miss iWeb's ability to just add something. "Wouldn't it be nice to put this thing I made right here, just so?" Can't do it no more. So if things look a bit sparse and drab, sorry. I tried. True, there is something to be said for simplicity, too. These pages aren't likely to look overworked.

Anyway, we're getting there. I've been testing various options for showing off images, and once again finding that RapidWeaver comes up short. Not that it can't be done, but I'm always coming up against limitations that annoy me. I will probably use the photo album plug-in eventually, but Apple's iCloud photo service is really nice, I have found, and doesn't require any configuring. So I'll just provide links to it, I guess.

Late last night I discovered that the new pages weren't displaying properly on my iPad and iPod Touch. Grr! That's just not something I can fix. Those versions are rendered automatically. Actually, there was just one small thing on the iPad version. But on the Touch, there was mayhem! Hopefully it's just because its Safari version is old, but still, it shouldn't be as bad as that. Oh dear.