Teacher Don

I can't help myself, I just love to teach. Whenever I discover new things, usually computer-related, I always want to show them off, or in the case of image manipulation, demonstrate "how I did this". So it comes as no surprise that I now have a dedicated section of my Pages, called Demonstrations, for this very purpose.

I have been wondering for some time how to go about creating such demonstrations for the web, as RapidWeaver doesn't come equipped with the tools I would want for that. Exhibeo, a program dedicated to the creation of photo web pages, came on sale at MacUpdate last week, and after some testing I decided it could do the job.

It hasn't exactly been easy going, but I'm quite pleased now that it's done. RapidWeaver constantly tells me "nope, can't do that", so I've had to be creative, but at least it's out there. Hopefully someone will enjoy the result. I would like to add many more Pages, but I need to catch up with other things after several days of "weaving".