It Lives!

So, I'm back. Not that I was ever gone, really, but I have allowed other things to come first. It's fun to have your own site, but it's a lot of work too. And the low number of visits to the site wasn't inspiring. Not sure if anyone missed me.

I suppose the main reason for the long hiatus, was my ambivalent feelings toward RapidWeaver, the program I use to make the Pages. I'm not happy with the rigidness of it. The themes are very nice, but it's really complicated if you want to do something different. There are other issues with it too, but I have decided to stick with it, mostly because I already put so much work into customizing. Starting from scratch again would have been very frustrating indeed. Some good alternatives to RW have begun popping up, however, and I still worry that something will come along to make me want to start over yet again.

For instance, I got a license for Sparkle in a software bundle, and it seems very nice. It has the freedom I have wanted, but then it has no themes at all to start from. I tried to use Sparkle to generate some HTML for import into RapidWeaver, but of course that didn't work. So here we are.

I have always been unhappy with the Photography section of the site, so I reworked that and it's much better. Can't say it's perfect, but as I've been saying, the framework of RapidWeaver only lets you change so much. The good news is, the updates to the program since I last used it have made it more stable, and it seems to me the Pages load faster and work better on mobile units. Please let me know what your experience is like!

There was a big issue with the Demonstrations section when I first put it up. The code generated for the slide show comes from a separate program called Exhibeo. (Once again, trying to get around RapidWeaver restrictions.) But the developers hadn't tested the program using images with non-English characters in the names! And Kaknäs does have the letter "ä". The page worked just fine for me, both on the mac and the iPad, so at first I didn't want to believe anything was wrong. Guess it was a Windows-only thing. Anyway, when a friend brought up the code in a browser and the "ä" stared us in the face, we realized what was going on.

What's next? Well, that depends. First I need to catch up on some sleep! But there are lots of Pages planned, and lots of topics I could write about on the Weblog. Stuff I'd like to bring back from the Old Pages. Summer is coming, though, and I will, weather permitting, be outdoors biking and photographing the beautiful Swedish landscape!