Real Life Problems

It’s been a long time since my last blog post - again. Real Life keeps getting in the way, I suppose. Also, I wanted to share the photos I’ve been taking with the Dynax 7D, and editing is time-consuming work, even with working software.

I had some computer problems related to Topaz Labs plug-ins which I rely upon for my workflow, and got the worst ’support’ from them I’ve had in my life. Their ’24-48-hour support’ was two weeks before answering in the first place, and then three weeks before the second reply. I’ll give the company the benefit of the doubt, hoping that it was just this one person who was useless, because even disregarding the long wait - and five weeks is a long wait when you have images to edit - the responses were uninformed, even obnoxious. Worst of all, the person didn’t even seem to be interested in answering my question (making me wonder if it had even been read), but only wanting to inform me - at length - of why I shouldn’t be using Apple Aperture, for which the company has dropped support. Finally, I managed to read between the lines what my problem was and solve the issue myself. The final note I had from Wonderful Support Professional proved he was still utterly clueless, yet certain he had been right all along. I’ve had poor support several times before, unfortunately - from other companies - and wondering if they even tried to understand the problem before sending off a generic reply. And not so long ago I had some truly stellar support from MacPhun, bless them. But this guy… whew. Didn’t even apologize for taking weeks to answer, which in itself was atrocious.

I’m still using Aperture, and it’s working fine, by the way. Both MacPhun and DxO still support Aperture, with plug-ins that are great. So there.

Another thing I’ve been worrying about, is the upgrading to RapidWeaver 7, which I use to edit and manage my Pages. Recently I took the plunge, however, and it went very well. Only two issues to solve (blog dates were goofy, and one image wouldn’t render properly), but they were fixed without too much trouble. If you encounter something that doesn’t work, please let me know.