The New Big Thing

I'm sure many of you have wondered - no? - who made the header photos for Don's Pages. Yours truly, of course. By coincidence I had just made some panoramas when I was putting the new site together, and they seemed perfect. The "bubbly" background for the secondary theme I also made, with a program called Patterno. Turned out very nice, I think. (Figuring out how to integrate these into the RapidWeaver themes was not easy, but I'll be darned if I'll use standard images when I have plenty of my own.)

I think I may have mentioned that before. Anyway, the new Welcome Page Pano was taken with my new Dynax 7D camera a few weeks ago. It's actually from the same spot as the picture I had there before, although the mood is very different.

Which brings me to the main subject of this post. I have a new camera! A big one! Seriously, after using smaller compact cameras for years, holding the 7D is a bit challenging. The body alone weighs over 800g… I think I'll be using the tripod a lot more now. But it's great to have it, and it inspired me to write a Page about my camera history.

Which in turn made me acutely aware that I don't really have a lot of photos on the site yet. The Old Pages had a lot more, a lot more of everything, really. I intended to put most of the old content up back up again, but nobody has been complaining, so it didn't seem all that necessary after all. Factoring in the problems I've had transitioning from iWeb to RapidWeaver, quite unnecessary, in fact.

But, I need to put more photos up, and also some more Demonstrations. I've learned a lot in the past year, mainly about software, but also about digital photography in general, I'd like to think. I'm looking forward to writing about it. I will also be writing about the cameras I have acquired, and my adventures using them! Much of it will be on the Weblog, I suppose, but I also have Pages planned for each of the cameras, highlighting their accomplishments (and mine).

On the Old Site I used to have albums of pictures I took on my summer biking trips. I'd like to do that again, perhaps even with maps. We'll see. I do have other interests.

From this and the current content of my Pages, you might think photography is all I'm interested in. It has become the focus here, because this is an obvious forum for it. Actually I'm a musician, so music is my number one interest. Second is nature, I would have to say; although I'm no outdoorsman, walking in the woods and biking around the countryside is a large part of who I am. And I'm crazy about dogs, so I'll put that at number three. So photography is fourth, probably, but it's almost a tie with Macs. I'm definitely a Macintosh enthusiast, and a big fan of Apple. Also, writing is becoming a big part of my life.

OK, I need to put together a bio page too, huh?