This was a big day for me. I always enjoy visits to the old town of Torshälla, but this was the first time I brought my new Dynax 7D camera and a tripod along. Not since the early 90’s had I done this type of thing with a professional SLR camera and multiple lenses. It felt good!

It’s been a long road back, but the 7D and I are getting along great, and I have some terrific lenses for it, too. I had done a couple of short excursions prior to revisiting Torshälla, getting acquainted with the equipment, but now it was for real.

It was a cool September day, the sky clear, and even though it was a Saturday, very few people were about. A boy with green hair and a hoverboard asked ”are you a photor?” which I presume is the latest apellation for photographer, so I said yes.

In the afternoon clouds started gathering, and it grew progressively darker and colder. My mind was deep in artistic mode, but all to soon it was time to leave.

Because of the 700 year jubilee celebration, I’m sharing a few more images than usual; I’m very pleased with some of them. Enjoy, and if you visit Torshälla because of my Pages, do let me know!

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